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Some random stats on iPhone market penetration.

  • Mobile Internet usage in Oceania grew 6x since 2008
  • Australians prefer iPhones.
  • Apple is the most popular mobile device Manufacturer by far in Oceania, with 81% share. In comparison Apple holds 30% of the share globally.
  •  Apple’s iOS occupies 91% of all mobile Internet device operating systems in  Australia. Android is growing, but is only 3%.
  • iPhone penetration in Australia estimated at 10.5% (range is 6.9% to 14.3%)
  • iPhone users are spread across all ages. Weighted average age of a user is 37
  • 60% of iPhone users are between 25 and 54
  • Almost half are women (43%).
  • Average app purchase price $2.27
  • 8.8 iPhone app downloads a month – 1.8 paid, 7.0 free
  • The average shelf life of an iPhone App is 30 days.
  • iPhone users spend 79 minutes a day using their apps.

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