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Google+ launched in direct competition to Facebook. So what makes it better?

Better Privacy

Of course there is better privacy, because that was one of the biggest criticisms of Facebook. With Facebook, you never know who is really using your information and for what purpose. Apps and programs on Facebook can utilise and share your information with very little oversight. Also there are few controls on the levels of information people can see. If you are tagged by a friend in a picture, then all their friends can see where you are and who you are. Not only is all that missing from Google+, there are also added privacy features like a one-click profile removal or complete delete.

No Pokes!

One of the biggest benefits of Google+ is the lack of constant updates from your contacts. There is no poking, no sharing of in-app information. This might scare away the mums and kids who play Farmville, but it is going to be a major plus for the 20 somethings that are looking for a way to stay in contact with their friends.


Clearly the most talked about feature of Google+ is the addition of Circles. This allows you to keep your work colleagues, friends and family separate. Going on a 3 day blinder of a stag do with your cousin? There is no reason your work colleagues should see that.


Taking content sharing one step further is Sparks. Facebook is one of the world’s largest content sharing platforms, and now Google+ has taken that to the next level with Sparks. Combining information from Google Buzz and Google +1, Sparks now allows you to search through hot and up coming news articles to read and share with your contacts. Whereas Facebook only lets you see what your contacts have already shared, Sparks allows you to find information relevant to your needs.

No Advertising

Whether this is a good or a bad thing for us, we don’t know. However for most users, the absence of ads promoting online courses or weekends away is going to be a good thing.



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