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Advertising campaigns and projects launched on Facebook have a highly effective hold on the average Facebook user. The social networking site, which recently floated on the stock market, is a fantastic outlook for advertisers to get their message across. However not all ad campaigns are a form of promotion of a company’s good and services.


Take a campaign called Make a Wish Foundation, with close to 9,000 likes the campaign sends money to a young child who is battling with life-threatening disease or conditions. The campaign is a run by the charity of the same name and it grants magical wishes to children aged between three and 17-years-old who are suffering from any condition that is either terminal or a threat to their lives. The children are get one wish and the wish is paid for by donations sent in from Facebook users who have found the campaign through its Timeline pages.


There are more than 21,000 children in theUKwho are suffering from a life-threatening condition or terminal illness and the Make a Wish Foundation helps by turning the children’s wishes into a real life event. Sometimes it may be that some children would like to meet David Beckham or visit Disney World. Make a Wish Foundation has managed to tug on the heart strings of Facebook users and become a roaring success on the social networking site.


Other great performers on Facebook are the campaigns to get us to play Farmville. This is one of the most popular apps on the site and with nearly 39 million likes you can see a campaign to get people to build their own farms and find pastures that show you the grass is always greener on the other side, is a runaway success.


Farmville was founded by a company called Zynga back in 2007 and it allows those Facebook players to grow, plough and plant and harvest their own plants and trees. The Ford Explorer SUV vehicle was an extremely popular campaign. The motor vehicle manufacturer swapped its campaign strategy from expensive television advertising to social media marketing and found it gained them a hugely successfully sales drive.


The promotion allows Facebook users to watch videos of rain-sensing window wipers and the special technology behind them. It also involves its quarter of a million Facebook page members to interact with comments asking people to name which bad habits do you hate the most about other drivers.


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