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Have you ever wondered if Google+ is offering any real competition to Facebook? Well in terms of users Facebook is still well out in front. The fact that Facebook now enjoys some 42 percent of all internet traffic across the globe puts it at the top of its game in terms of popularity. The fact is Facebook has become a household name. How often have you heard someone say they are going to update their Google+ status? I thought not, Facebook status update rolls off the tongue so much easier and sounds far more credible somehow, doesn’t it?


Facebook is also an equal share in terms of users. There are as many women as there are men and this is not so the case in Google+. Seventy-five percent of Google+ users are male and this is probably not the best social networking site to meet new female companions. Google+ does not have any games to play, no Farmville or Branch Out and Facebook users love to play games. In fact recent statistics 54 percent of Facebook users like their games.


We will look at some of the advantages Google+ has over Facebook. We have already seen that Facebook wins hands down in the popularity stakes but does that necessarily make Facebook better than Google+. In many respects Facebook on the surface seems to offer more but Google+ has features that are not included in Facebook. Google+ has a great feature where you can leave a video message to any of your contacts or friends. The site also has a group chat feature where you can gather together around ten of your mates and all chat at once. Imagine the benefits to business this has to offer, ten people in a conference call all located at different corners of your country and talking as one in a group.


Google+ also has a great feature where you can share your location with just one click. Facebook places seem a little complex to some and it certainly takes far more than one click to place you in any location. Creating circles or groups is so much easier on Google+ than on Facebook. It is also worth noting that Facebook has recently transferred the majority of its users to a Timeline page feature. The migration is mandatory and several users have expressed anger that they are not given the choice of staying at their pre-Timeline page.


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