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After the semi successful Facebook IPO, we thought we would list 10 ways Facebook could grow outside of advertising revenue.

  1. Premium ad-free or ads-lite version of Facebook. Less or no Ads for $5 a month. They could throw in more features like seeing who is looking at your profile, or better image tagging. Either way, there are plenty that would pay for this.
  2. Facebook business page premium. More functions, HTML/XML websites, allocated advertising each month, standard status promotion. Companies would pay hundreds of dollars a month to have more functions.
  3. Flair for your page. Add Facebook backgrounds, fonts etc for $5 a pop. More than just poking your friends etc etc.
  4. Facebook flair market. Exchange, sell, lease images, fonts, backgrounds and layouts (oops starting to sound a little like myspace…)
  5. Open its social graph API more so that the data can be mined, and sell the data. It could be cleaned so that there is no personal information (or not). Market research companies would pay a very high premum for that amount of data.

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