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Google Analytics is a toll free service offered to the marketers to count visits of sightseers to a site. The service got underway in April of 2005 with numerous customary and advanced metrics including $Index to establish the content value of a website. However, $Index was made unavailable in the latest versions due to some mechanical & methodological setbacks. Now the power of deriving content’s value is installed with the name ofPage Value.

Contents values, through Page Value, are normally generated for the electronic commerce or e-commerce sites that deal with online selling of goods and services. But websites are not of singular category. They can be archive sites, click to donate sites, showcase sites, or web logs for example. Consequently, it’s usual to raise questions about how to understand the value of web contents in case of these sites.

Page Value uses two distinct matters to calculate the significance of a site’s content: the value of transactions, & the value of goals. Goal values are difficult to found as they can’t be derived directly like transaction value. So you just need to make sure two things to use Page Value for sites other than e-commerce –

? First thing is to define the goals of different contents, &
? Second thing is to allot values for each of the goals described previously.

Page Value is useful to be calculated for a single page, for a set of pages, or for all the pages of the website as well.


As the formula illustrates, Page Value is the blend of transaction values and goal values which is divided by unique page views. Things are not that much easier in practical as Page Value will only consider values occurred subsequent to a page view.

Importance of Page Value

Now that you know what the metric is all about, you must understand how to interpret this data to use in development purposes. Page Value is a numerical presentation of visitor’s actions and attitudes toward the contents of a particular site. Page Value facilitates a search engine optimizer & site manager in multiple ways.

Page Value can be found in Google Analytics under the “All Pages report” of the “Content” menu. This will point up the values of single or multiple contents of the site. So, this metric can be used to define the value of any particular page by calculating the overall contents value of that page. Page Value gives a bird’s eye view of overall profitability of the contents and pages. Besides, it presents the most effective and profitable pages.

This Analytics tool assists site managers to decide on the next move to achieve the prima facie objective of the business. Different situations may arrive. You may find pages with high traffic rate but low conversion rate orPage Value. It indicates you need to put quality contents on those pages. Alternatively, you may find a page with low traffic rate but high Page Value. Thus, you need to run some marketing efforts to bring this page into attention of more visitors. Again, there will be some pages with low traffic and low Page Value. Ads should be clogged for these pages until replaced with new contents.


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