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FREE SEO For Resellers

Are you looking for a trustworthy and reliable SEO partner to help you grow your business and your clients? We can help you grow your business AND grow your product offerings.

What is in it for you?

We offer an affiliate rate of 15% on all our SEO services. Most SEO contracts start at $500 a month, so that means you could earn $900 per year per client.

We also offer FREE SEO for our resellers. That means we will analyse your site, build links and promote your business for free. We will give you all our tools of our business package, including rank tracking and conversion optimisation, so that you can become number one in your field.

How does it work?

You create a page(s) on your website promoting whatever part of the SEO program you want to. Obviously the more pages you create the better. All you have to do is direct your current or new customers to a form created by us that they will use to fill out the order. That way we can track who is coming from where, and make sure that you get paid on time.

If you direct customers to us, we will provide you with 15% referral fee for the life of the customer. However, this program is not open to everyone with a website. We are only offering this program to exclusive resellers who are willing to promote the program. We want to find businesses that are focussed on building their business and are interested in what SEO has to offer.

What programs can you sell?

All of our programs are available either through white label or our affiliate program. The pricing on these vary depending on the details of the program, so for pricing you need to contact us.

Resell SEO Programs

Our standard SEO programs vary depending on the keywords being targeted and the website that the traffic is being sent to. We are working on a tool that you can use to generate quotes, but for now, each quote is dependant on the client giving us as much information as possible. Our  programs start from $500 a month.

Resell SEO Training

We can give you and your clients a range of SEO Training to help you improve your business and website. We have a track record of increasing the position of websites, and we can show you how to carry out this on your own, without our help.

Resell Conversion improvement

Ecommerce websites need to be optimised for conversion. You need to know that every visitor to your website has the maximum chance of being coverted into a customer. We have use A – B testing, use Google Analytics and a range of other techniques to slowly ratchet up the coversion rate of your website. If you have an ecommerce website, or are selling anything on the web, you need to make sure you customer is going to know what to do to buy from, or interact with, you.

Resell Link Building

Link Building outright is not an SEO activity. Links are a form of web promotion and should not be used in isolation. However there are some forms of this web promotion that work better than others. All our linked building packages are specifically designed to build your website’s profile, so we can not give you a generic link building option. However here are some of the things we carry out as part of your link building program.

At the end of a every month, you will get a comprehensive report that lists all the links we have generated as part of the program.

Creative Development has a unique and proprietary SEO asset list that we use to build the profile of all our clients’ websites. We build a range of ranked web links that are always relevant and conform to Google’s own link building recommendations. We build links from .edu, .org websites as well as utilising our relationships with the media to generate unique authoritative mentions in national media.



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