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Web hosting scams can be a complete headache for anyone. Let alone, someone that doesn’t know much about getting their business online. Typically, web hosting scams in the form of false advertisement or information withheld. Here are some tips to steer clear of typical scams that you may come across and would want to either get more information on or steer clear of them.

  • False Advertisement: Make sure you completely understand the package that you are purchasing and what the package will do for you or how it may limit you. Many people purchase these contracts in advance and are stuck with a package that isn’t able to support what they need to do for their business.


  • Heavy Discounts: Some web hosting companies offer steep discounts for their packages and require you to pay in advance. Again, educate yourself and know what you need for your business and if the package can support your needs.


  • Term Contracts: You do not need to go into long term contracts with any service provider. If you are doing so then you may be trapping yourself into a hefty bill that you will have to eat because you decided you needed something different.


  • Hosts registering your domain name: Most of the web hosting services does offer to register your domain name for you. You can do this but make sure that they register your domain name in your name only. If they register the domain name under their company – you are stuck with this web hosting company for life. If you choose to leave you will have to change your domain name. Your domain name is the livelihood of your business.


  • Unlimited bandwidth: Simply not true. If the company is offering unlimited bandwidth then this is a case of a possible scam. The company themselves have to pay for bandwidth. They will estimate how much bandwidth you will use but if you exceed their estimate then they will bill you for it – hence, not unlimited.


  • 24 hour Service: Test it. They may advertise that they have 24 hour service via email, fax or phone but they often do not pick up the phone at odd hours of the day/night. The simple test is to call at 3:00 am and see if you get someone on the phone or not.


  • Free hosting: The web hosting company will give you 5-10 MB of free web space and is probably all you will need. However, it doesn’t truly come free; it comes in the form of an exchange. You often will be required to place a banner on your page or a pop up. Some of them will require you to sign up to sell your contact information to spammers for the “free” hosting.


  • Money back Guarantee: Always make sure that the web host service that you choose has a money back guarantee.


  • Study the terms and conditions: Educate, educate and educate. Make sure you understand in detail the lengthy terms and conditions. If you do not understand them or find something in them that you do not agree to then do not sign on the dotted line.


  • History of the web host: Look into the history of the web host. Determine if they have been in business a long time. Do you know of anyone that is currently using them so you can get real feedback?

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