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Below is a search engine that will allow you to find the best paid directories for your keywords. There may be some that have a reasonable PR, but are well ranked for the keywords you are looking for. If Google is ranking a directory well for your chosen keywords, there may be some good traffic to those sites as well.

Web directories can help your ranking in search engines, because the provide a backlink to your website. The ones that are well optimised for your keyword are more likely to rank well for the keywords you need.
Directories are great for building backlinks in the early stages of launching a website. Finding one that has been optimised to your keyword will not only give you a strong backlink to your website, but it should also drive traffic.

Google indexes website based on keywords, and the only way to guarantee you are getting a link that is optimised to your keywords is by using the Google search engine to find directories.
All of the directories in this search engine should have free and paid options for adding your website. If they don’t please leave a comment below and we will update the code. We are always looking for free directories that provide a qulaity way for businesses to get listed. Improving your business listing can be good for your own SEO.



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