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Created by ad agency Deutsch Inc., a very highly respected agency, this ad is a great promotion for Sony’s PS3. Including famous characters such as Nathan Drake (Uncharted 3) and Lightning (Final Fantasy 13), as well as PS3 icons such as Sweet Tooth’s Ice Cream Truck (Twisted Metal) and Kratos (God of War).

The campaign revolves around a two minute spot that features 25 game characters from Kratos to Sackboy paying homage to an omnipotent being, Michael, who stands in for gamers everywhere. “We have this incredible who’s who, this hall-of-fame list of characters,” says Scott Steinberg, Vice President of Product Marketing at Sony.

And while seeing digital characters fleshed out will impress players first, it is the message of the piece that Sony wants stay with them. “The hero of the spot is actually Michael. And that is a unique approach to gaming,” said Steinberg.


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