How to create great logos

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What makes one logo better than another?


Great logos are easy to read and are not overly complicated. A logo is well-designed when it looks as good on a business card as it does on a web page or a billboard.


They should be an unforgettable representation of your brand and inspires trust in your clients.


It should be fresh and original — without visual cliches or amateur effects.


To be useful, a good logo must reduce well to simple black & white or grayscale for use on faxes or in newspaper ads. The best logos are elegantly simple.

Why spend money on a logo?
In a way, a logo is visual shorthand to your business. Your logo will create your commercial identity and credibility. It builds loyalty amid your clients and employees. You reinforce your image every time your logo is displayed on a Web page, on a sign, or in an advertisement.

A professionally designed logo enables you to be immediately recognizable and must be unique, memorable and simple. Such a logo will become one of your most valuable corporate assets over time.

How does your current logo stack up?
Run down this logo quick test:

  • Does it have impact?
  • Is it desirable to look at?
  • Does it stand out?
  • Does it convey a positive image?
  • Does it precisely represent the organization or business?
  • Is it simple?
  • Is it understandable?
  • Is it unforgettable?
  • Can it be used at any size?
  • Is it timeless?
  • Are you proud of it?

We are a marketing agency and we can create great logos for you and your business.

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