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As it is coming to the end of the quarter I thought I would run through our top 5 posts of the last 3 months.

SEO Trends for 2011

We predicted 5 upcoming trends in SEO that will dominate the landscape next year. We posted this about 3 weeks ago, and it has already started to come true, as Google recently announced they do use social media dominance as a part of SEO. We also predicted the following; Increased Prominence of Local Search (Google Places), Search optimisation for mobile devices, Increase value of links in context, The rise of Yahoo/Bing, the increased importance of Website Speed.

Minecraft – Lessons for Everyone

Minecraft sells about 10,000 copies per day, at $10 a copy. It is a marketing marvel! Seth Godin was right about the publishing world being for the brave now. Creating content has been turned on its head. You don’t need big publishers, agents and distribution companies. If you know your topic, you can build content and your audience as you go.

A Comparison of Social Advertising – Digg, Facebook, Reddit

This post is continually one of the most read posts on this blog. We may have to do an update soon, because the data is getting a little dated. Digg is certainly no longer the social media giant it once was.

10 ways plumbers can improve their direct mail flyers

Again, another quarterly fave for our readers. It seems to attract a lot of attention.

How Google Places works – Improve your position

This is a fairly brief breakdown of how to improve your Google maps position. There are more thorough pieces out there, but in this post we tried to give you a few quick tips to help your business rank on Google maps.


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