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Over the last few years GA has been something like ‘genie’s magical lamp’. It’s almost certainly offering everything that is in your wish list. Since 2008, Google started enriching its features list, in particular, for Google Analytics Beta. All these added (some are still to be added) features are designed to confer the Beta users with spirited analytical edge and greater insights toward optimum output. With features like website profiles overview, Motion Charts, The Data Export API, AdSense Overview, superior segmentation, and customized report, it’s easier to get access and operate the Analytics in a more meaningful way. In this blog, I have just attempted to illustrate some of these enterprise-class elements.

1. Website Profiles Overview

To monitor overall performance, in relation to different accounts, you just need to pick the particular account you want to analysis in “My Analytics Accounts:” after logging in. It will open up the Websites Profile. This profile will tell you the no. of visits, bounce rate, completed goals, percent change of visits etc. The value of percent change is always marked as either green or red (green indicates positive changes while red indicates the otherwise). So, you can get an overview simply by looking at that color.

2. Motion Charts

Visualized actions are far more attractive and effectual. Considering this fact, GA introduced this classy feature – Motion Charts. The chart is dedicated to let somebody see any changing trends of multiple dimensions of data and metrics. All that one needs to do is select the dimensions; say, X axis, Y axis, size with colors of the dots to be presented. Moreover, this service is designed to draw realistic interaction paths of different visitors from different sources. Does traditional view allow you to do so?

3. AdSense Overview

The AdSense Overview is designed for the AdSense publishers to get an insight of AdSense revenue over the period of time along with the no. of ads clicked, no. of unit impressions, no. of page impressions etc. and also considering the per visit calculation for the same data. Incorporation of this feature will increase your ability to manage and have a greater look at the accounts that needs your attention.

4. Sophisticated Segmentation of Data

Developers of Google Analytics have brought your dreams of filtering data at an advanced level. You can set any number of filters you want to get the picture you actually want to see. It’s so easy to draw a customized


segmentation by choosing metrics like visits, new visits, entrances, exits, pageviews, bounces etc. and addingCondition & Value for the metrics. For example, you picked up the Pageviews metric, set “Greater than” as the condition and “3” as value. Eventually, you will get the number of visitors who visited more than three pages.

5. Customized Reports

Traditionally, the reports are mass-produced so can’t be modified. But now, the power is in your hand. Because Google Analytics has enabled you to determine – “what I will see”. Go for the metrics you want to see in the report, modify the metrics if needed, and put the metrics in your desired order. All the raw materials are available in the sidebar. You just need to drag and drop items from there.


Some peoples are already using all or part of these cutting-edge features of Google Analytics. Within the time of arriving all the features, you can expect to get access to them if waiting yet.


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