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Don’t you want to appraise and optimize your predefined goals mentioned in the Analytics account? Don’t you want the visitors to favor with better site experience? I am quite sure about your answer and thus want to introduce you with content experiments.


Content Experiment is an approach that will let you know the effectiveness of different pages and their different mishmashes in case of pulling of the goals of your Google Analytics account. This approach is able to lend a hand to you to offer superlative combinations of page layouts and designs. Content Experiment is best to use in:

• Tracking visitors activity or conversion based on random samples;
• Evaluating and contrasting the site’s performance linked with the page performances;
• Defining test criteria and size of samples.

To perform Content Experiment you have to assure that your site has the content variations and variations in pages as well to proffer to the visitors. Previous to, it’s important to warn that you haven’t missed out any important objective while setting the goals.

We are talking a lot about these so called goals. Let’s look at the most common goals used in Analytics.

1) Number of pages that a visitor should look around during their visits. Experiment on “pages per visit goals” assess that sightseers are surfing pages as much as necessary to take a conversion decision.
2) Target interval between arrival and departure of a visitor. If you have set “visit duration goals”, experiment will show you the time a visitor spends in your site. This will make sure that the pages are getting the least attention of its visitors.
3) Effectiveness of the landing pages in directing the visitors to the product pages. Setting this “URL destination goal” will permit the site manager to experiment the efficacy of the URL’s lying on the landing pages. The site manager can easily understand whether the landing page URL’s are suitable enough for the visitors to connect with the product pages (pages that will generate a conversion) with a minimal effort.
4) Setting actions (sign up, purchase etc.) that will be considered as conversion events. Experiments on “event goals” appraise the quality of landing pages in case of encouraging the visitors to perform those actions.


You will need to bring variety in your web pages so that the experiments can analysis different aspects and sectors, including texts, icons, layouts, images, headings etc., of the site.

The effective way of experimenting

Variation is the key to win the best combination of contents and pages through experiments. But making a lot of changes simultaneously can back fire your actions. Accordingly, you should make small changes to the pages. Consider two scenarios. The first one is you changed only the headings of all the pages and the next one is you changed the headings along with the icons for all the pages. Take for granted for the second scenario, you got a positive result due to the changes. Instantly you would have question in mind like “Who is the actual driver of this result? The icons or the headings?” If you would accept the first scenario, you could have the exact response.

From now on, as you will make small changes, be sure the visitors will be up to snuff to spot the changes. Hence, make changes that catch the visitor’s eye quickly as they open the page. Keep changing and introducing new variations, and experimenting to get to the most productive combination.


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