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In order to add a conversion to your WP eCommerce file, you need tp change the file wpsc-transaction_results_functions.php.

After these lines, around line 126,

if( $is_transaction ){
$message = __(‘The Transaction was successful’, ‘wpsc’).”\r\n”.$message;
$message_html = __(‘The Transaction was successful’, ‘wpsc’).”

You have to add your conversion/completion code so that you now have

if( $is_transaction ){

$message = __(‘The Transaction was successful’, ‘wpsc’).”\r\n”.$message;

$message_html = __(‘The Transaction was successful’, ‘wpsc’).”<br /> “.$message_html;

echo “<script type=’text/javascript’>

/* <![CDATA[ */

var google_conversion_id = YOURCONVERSION ID;

var google_conversion_language = ‘en’;

var google_conversion_format = ‘3’;

var google_conversion_color = ‘ffffff’;

var google_conversion_label = ‘nCscCJzj6AIQ3NzSyQM’;

var google_conversion_value = 0;

/* ]]> */


<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’’>



<div style=’display:inline;’>

<img height=’1′ width=’1′ style=’border-style:none;’ alt=” src=’;guid=ON&amp;script=0’/>



$total = $purchase_log[‘totalprice’];

echo ‘<img src=”’ .$total. ‘&OID=’ .$purchase_log[‘id’]. ‘”>’;



You can see that we also have a clixgalore code at the end too. The information they gave in their help file was a bit out of date, and you need to change the code around a little.

Hope this helps someone.



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