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Green is the New Black

Product life cycles are continually going around the clock. You watch how your product is selling and then not selling and when it starts to dwindle down you need to be quick on your feet to breathe life back into your product or service. I have news for you, green is the new black. Efforts of being environmentally friendly continue to grow at light speed. This particular trend has been around for quite some time now and is safe to say that it isn’t going anywhere any time soon.  If you want to have that competitive edge it is time to figure out how your product is “green”.

It is a world-wide phenomenon to be environmentally conscience. No matter where you are in the global market it is safe to say that your product or service having “green” attributes is one way to boost interest  and breathe life back into your product. Depending on you what your line of business is or the product you are trying to sell you may not have to change a thing. It may already be environmentally friendly you just need to market the product as so. On the other hand, the worst thing you can do is market your product as “green” when it is not. That may just take your business to bankruptcy court. You may need to change or tweak your product a bit to ensure that it truly is green.

Let’s take Starbucks as an example. They have a product that is sold all over the world but they didn’t have to change a thing to market that they are an environmentally savvy organization. When you visit their website you can see under the responsibility tab that they are gunning for the “green” market share. Use your tumbler to get coffee and you save $0.10 and a paper cup. Even if you have to use a paper cup it is made partially from recycled paper. Did you know you can go into your local Starbucks and get 5 lbs of used coffee grounds (for free) to take home to enrich your soil for your garden? Education, promotion and keeping their promise to the public are all they have to do to stay at the top of the list for well-known green companies. Starbucks is rated #33 for green ranking in the US.

An example for product revival by going green is Clorox Bleach. This company has been in business since 1913. In 1913, being green was no concern of the general public. However, it is a large concern today. Clorox Bleach has created a new product line called “green works”.  These products are made with plant and mineral based cleaning ingredients and are biodegradable. Whenever possible they use environmentally sustainable packaging.

As you can see green is the new black. Your business has a lot of potential to reach a market base that you may not have even considered. Instead of the typical group you might be trying to reach such as Caucasian females between the ages of 26 and 40 you may want to broaden your horizons to environmentally conscience people. Stay in the loop and reinvent with green.


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