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Broadband plays an integral role in our lives today. As a matter of fact, it has even more implications and applications than we would consciously know or agree with. With the world being driven by a digital economy, citizens across the globe relying on internet to live their lives and businesses turning to mobile marketing to secure growth and sustainability, it is possibly a good time to look at some of the best mobile broadband speeds.

Now, mobile broadband is a little different than conventional broadband that has direct access and connectivity with fiber optics networks. With mobile broadband however, the network is primarily connected via a wireless router or a dongle. People who choose to use mobile broadband through carriers would make use of the mobile network connectivity. A segment of experts who monitor the global internet phenomenon are of the belief that irrespective of how developed and transformed mobile broadband gets, it would somehow fail to offer speeds in tune to conventional broadband connections. However, anticipations are high with 4 G coming into the picture.

Speeds of mobile broadband play a significant role in mobile marketing, the manner in which Smartphone users consume information and how one operates in the online world using mobile and wireless sources. Here are the top 10 mobile broadband speeds across the globe across various generations of network connectivity.


  1. Up to 100 Mbps (Offered)
  2. Up to 50 Mbps (Possible in hotspots and commercial hubs)
  3. 20 Mbps (A large section of users can enjoy this speed)
  4. 8 Mbps to 12 Mbps (Average mobile broadband speed across the board on 4G network)


  1. Up to 21.6 Mbps (Offered)
  2. Up to 7 Mbps (Possible in hotspots and commercial hubs)
  3. 2 Mbps (Average mobile broadband speed on 3G)


  1. Up to 3.2 Mbps (Offered)
  2. 500 KBPS (Possible for a large section of users)
  3. 200 KBPS (The most prevalent speed across the board on 2G network)

It has to be noted here that these broadband speeds are an average of speeds across the globe and do not indicate the best speed and the worst speed. There are mobile broadband speeds that are higher than the 4G network average of 12 Mbps and there are slower speeds than the 200 KBPS on 2G.

If mobile marketing is the primary aspect of working on mobile broadband then one can certainly be better off with 4G!


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