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Google AdWords is the best known pay-per-click advertising solution available to webmasters. However, the rules are quite stringent on what and how you can advertise, so it may not be suitable for some marketers. The range, breadth and ease of use of Adwords makes it suitable for 99% of users. However some companies have fallen prey to the stringent terms and conditions Google places on its use, and therefore find it difficult to get along with. Below are the top 10 alternatives to adwords.

 AdBrite is one of Adwords’ main competitors.  Using AdBrite enables publishers to reach over 370 million internet users on over 80,000 sites all with a single campaign buy. AdBrite’s market share is growing all the time.  Less expensive than Adwords, Adbrite enables advertisers to modify the format of their adverts, and therefore, their ultimate look.

Bidvertiser can provide a valid low cost alternative to Adwords.  It offers numerous advert formats, from banners to buttons.  Like Adbrite, Bidvertiser allows advertisers to customise the design and format of their adverts.  Some of its most interesting aspects are its fraud detection system and a feature that it allows users to drive traffic to their Ebay listings.

Chitika provide impulse advertising services. It provides conventional-looking ads in addition to active boxes that show targeted items from their advertisers.  Chitika tracks site visitors through search engines driving traffic into related products that then appear in the ad, which the internet user can then click to buy.  Therefore, only adverts that are relevant to their engine search are shown to visitors.

Intellilinks Free to join, Intelliling generates traffic for advertisers placing organic HTML text links across high quality websites  Intellilinks users can buy this text links by paying a monthly subscription, unlike other companies, which base their prices on the number of clicks or views receive by the adverts.

Kontera.  Easy to use, Kontera is a marketing product that works by providing their users with codes that can be added at their site.  The publishers can then choose their ad’s keywords.  Within 1 day, additional links begin to appear in the publisher’s site.  When the visitor hovers over these links, ads emerge.  If these adverts are clicked on, published get paid.

Microsoft adCenter.  Their ads appear in the search result of the Bing search engine, being located to the right and at the top of the results. Very similar to AdWords, it offers very similar features, including targeting and keyword-finding tools.

Yahoo Search Marketing: main online advertising solution offered by Yahoo.  It consists of a pay-per-click program.  Like with Microsoft adCenter, their ads are located to the right and at the top of search results.  Similar to Adsense ads, it offers the advertiser the chance to run ads on their content network.


Exit Junction  is an affiliate program that captures exit traffics from websites.  It provides a revolutionary approach to online advertising.  After a surfer visits the first website returned by the search engine they are using, if they hit the back button in their browser, Exit Junction shows a set of sponsored links that match the surfer’s original search words.

7Search provides their users with keyword and for their ads.  The company claims that it provides higher return rates than other online advertising solutions like  Adwords and Yahoo Search marketing, as it claims to have higher quality search results.

Clicksor.  Less expensive than Adwords, Clicksor ads are context sensitive, and they seem to provide much more effective and adequate solutions for small businesses, offering a wide range of formats including conventional adverts designs and formats, as well as other more innovation formats like pop under and interstitial ads.  In addition, Clicksor allows publishers to have both an advertiser and a publisher account, enabling them to transfer income to their advertising account, therefore reducing costs.


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