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The health insurance market has grown dramatically over the last several decades. In fact, it is growing so fast, many in the industry are struggling to keep up. One of the reasons for the substantial growth is the introduction of digital technology. People no longer have to wait for test results or answers to their questions.

Now, with the help of digital technology, things are happening much more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Some of the way the industry has been influenced by digital technology include:

  • Immediate response to questions concerning healthcare and health insurance
  • timely transfer of a patient’s medical records and test results
  • prompt billing and payment
  • digitally stored records that can be stored indefinitely and retrieved within minutes
  • the ability to reach out to more people with digital marketing techniques

Digital technology allows communications to take place in real time. Marketing agents can relay information on social media sites and reach thousands of people at once. This type of advertising is much more efficient than conventional methods which may only reach a small number of people and are seldom cost efficient.

A marketing agent can create a blog that contains numerous frequently answered questions about both insurance and the procedures they cover. Everyone has access to the internet, even seniors. Older people have embraced the internet because it allows them to find answers to their questions without having to leave their homes. They can contact their insurance agent or email their physician and get answers to their questions or make appointments in a matter of minutes.

People can research the types of policies that are available before they ever call an agent. Agents can advise possible clients what types of policies may work better for them and how pre-existing conditions may affect their eligibility. Digital marketing allows for convenient online sign up and payment as well. Applications can be filled out online and premiums can be paid through secure network banking programs.

Another way digital technology has changed health insurance is the convenience and reliability it offers to both the company and its clients. Health records are easier to access and can be stored digitally which means less office space is taken up by paperwork and archives. They are also much easier to access. Health insurance companies can store thousands of patient files in data clouds instead of boxing them up to take up space in a file library.

Files are able to be cross referenced easier and processed much faster than ever before. Health insurance companies can process claims much faster and efficiently, allowing for fewer mistakes. Less time is wasted during the processing of documents allowing for insurance payments to be made much quicker than before.

With the cost of healthcare continually on the rise, finding more efficient ways to do business benefits not only the insurance company, but the physicians and patients as well. Advances in digital technology will continue to improve customer service in every aspect of healthcare for years to come.



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