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Bored? Got a spare 60 minutes

Maybe you are on the train, and you have an iPhone or other smartphone device, and you are wondering if there is something positive you can do for your business that might provide some return in the form of new customers.


If you have a smartphone, and you are bored, why not record a 30 second video explaining why someone should buy from you. Worst-case scenario: You are a little embarrassed, no one else sees the video, but you learn a little about yourself and your business, and you start the process of refining your elevator pitch. Best-case scenario, you pot your video on Youtube, and a customer sees it and is prompted to buy from you. Why not give it a try.


Go to the Yellow Pages, scout for potential customers, (pretty much the only thing the Yellow Pages is good for these days). Find someone that could benefit from your service and email them a personal message asking for an appointment. Tell them why they should use you, what tangible benefit they could get from your service and tell them when you have free time.

Web Forums

Start looking for forums in your industry, and find one that you can start participating in. Be upfront, tell people you can help them and that they can contact you.


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