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We see many businesses online busting a gut to build an online store, and then they waste their time worrying about how their logo looks, and not what the customer experiences. What an online store loses out on the touchy feely side of buying, they have to make up in other ways.

Here are four things you can do that make your website successful online:

  1. Sell a product that is hard to find at the local store. There are a lot of price competition online, try to find products that are rare. Most of Amazon’s revenue comes from products in the long tail, you should sell similar hard to find products.
  2. Make it easy to return, complain, review. Unlike a print catalog, you have the chance to give people more reasons to buy from you.
  3. Be original.
  4. Returning customers are more likely to buy again. Use newsletters, specials and discounts to bring people back. Make sure you have enough new products to keep things fresh.

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