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In response to Seth’s question on what do you do with an unscheduled ten minute lull, We thought we would share with you our list of things to do when there is breathing space.

When there is no phone ringing, no pressing project (which rarely happens these days), we have a few things that anyone can do in ten minutes that has helped us get to number one for search terms, and hopefully number one with out clients.

  1. We say thanks to/check up on our clients. “Thanks for the business” “I was just looking at your rankings when I noticed you could do ….
  2. We check our search rankings and our competitor’s. We then obsessively use OpenSite Explorer to see if we can pick up any easy points.
  3. We browse blogs in our industry, like SEO by The Sea because they always have interesting posts. Or we read Matt Cutts’ blog.
  4. We respond to questions in forums. We like Flying Solo, because it is a good resource for Aussies.
  5. We write a post like this one now…. or if we have more time, like this one on how Keyword domains are becoming worthless.
  6. We polish up our eCommerce eBook, which is always an ongoing task.

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