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By optimizing, you make sure that your AdWords ad is providing you with the maximum benefit you are looking for while keeping your cost minimized. You can turn your site into a successful one by optimizing various facets of your AdWords ad and keywords.

Purpose of optimizing AdWords

In simple words, you aim towards optimization to become financially benefited. Here are some key features of an optimized AdWord.

  • Increased return-on-investment (ROI);
  • Decreased ad cost;
  • More clicks and traffic;
  • Better leads.

Hopefully, these are the actual goals of a marketer. To achieve this optimal point of cost and benefit you need to take few steps.

1. Ad text improvement

As you know, you can’t invest in all the keywords and ads. With your limited resources you have to use the keywords tactfully. You have to describe your business, product, or service in few words. Telling again, it’s not that easy in practical to attract buyers through keywords. You can try the following guidelines.

  • Use ad texts that the visitor will find when they visit your site;
  • Use strong verbs to give the visitor clues about how they will be benefited from your website. Include at least one of your proven profitable keyword in the ad text.
  • Include promotional words and features of your products.

2. Keywords improvement

Keywords are eye-catching words used in ads by search engine optimizers (SEO). These words are also important for writing effective ad texts. Keywords are key factors to become successful online marketer.

First, you need to think “what can be a keyword for my site to show in the visitors search result?” When you have the answers, make a short list of them and select among the words that are mostly relevant to your site. Note that, you must keep in mind your budget when selecting the keywords.

While selecting between keywords, remind the cost-quality relationship. You need to determine the cost and benefit of all the keywords (including those being used in ad text). You can then perform a testing & allocating approach. Under this approach, you will test all the keywords for some times (normally 3-4 days) and plot them in a table to compare the performances. After that you can easily determine the profitable and effective words.

3. Conversion rate improvement

So far, we have learn about the ad text and keywords improvement. Now, let us focus on how to improve the conversion rate. Conversion rate shows you the actual number of visitors who are signing up or ordering a purchase from your website after being navigated from an ad text. There is various free conversion optimizing tools available in internet.

However, conversion rate can be improved by paying attention on several issues including these:

  • Use relevant ad text and keywords to attract more potential visitors;
  • Make a user friendly website;
  • Use relevant landing page;
  • Link profitable websites to your ad group as placements.


4. Change target customers

If everything is OK but you are still not getting your desired result, rethink if your keywords and ad texts are targeting the wrong customers. Of course, it’s possible that you have not properly worked while defining market segments and the target market. If you are targeting the 20 years old for a mortgage loan, how can you think of becoming successful? Use keywords and ad texts that best match the potential target customers. You can also,

  • Use negative keywords to avoid just visitors;
  • Minimize the low-value clicks &
  • Organize account for easy maintenance of campaigns and ad groups.

5. Bids improvement

To determine the optimal point of bids and budgets of your AdWords, you will now need to post different bids along with different budgets on any particular or different websites. As discussed in the keywords improvement sector, wait for a few days to take the bid effect and then change it. When you are finished, create a chart showing the cost and benefit for each and every bid. After that, find out the most profitable mix of bids and budgets.

Focus on these five elements to improve your AdWords results. And make this a continuous controlling system to cope up with the changes made by the competitors.


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