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AdWords accounts

AdWords accounts have a structure that allows you to have multiple accounts, campaigns and ad groups. This provides a complete picture of the issues you are presenting throughout your site and helps to decide the right ads and keywords. Take a look at the following structure to understand a typical account classification.

Benefits of successful account

A well-structured account will help you to become dynamic with your business. You need to determine the keywords that will describe your business and match the visitor’s search and thus provide you with a good number of clicks as well. Your ad texts must include at least one attracting keyword about the benefits of the visitors. You need to make good links among all of these ads and keywords. This structure provides you with different facets including, identifying the issues to make changes; monitor the campaigns, ads, keywords from one place; determining the most profitable mix among the alternatives. All these will ensure a better Quality Score for your site. To be benefited from the account you need to improve these.

1. Improve accounts

We can expect that you have already understood what an adWords account is and how it will benefit you. Now, it’s important to know how to develop and improve an account. You will need to have clear ideas on different issues.


Use relevant keywords to the ad groups. This will give you an additional marketing edge to attract new visitors. You can generate key word ideas through different tools. These tools will help you to find keywords those are not currently available in your portfolio and of course, their possible outcome. Use lower cost-per-click to get a better ROI.

Note that, if you generate keywords for your accounts through tools, there are strong chances that some irrelevant keywords will appear. Maintain relevancy.


While bidding, consider your goals and objectives along with your budget. You can’t bid your entire budget in one or two ad groups. You need to bond all the ad groups together. You need to find out which of the campaign will give you a positive ROI. So, take a look at the account schedule and decide on which one you want to focus. You can also emphasize more on any particular product if you want it to get maximum traffic. If there is a budget constraint, downsize the campaigns of the accounts.

While changing your bid ideas, consider the marginal benefit and opportunity cost of increasing or decreasing your benefit.


You will get a lot of keywords for your campaigns of accounts. But to invest in every keywords and adwords you will need to have a budget adequate to finance every campaign. Again, you might have budget constraint. So, it’s vital to assign click-through-rate cautiously. Invest to the accounts that have potential positive outcomes. Try to save your dollars. Because it doesn’t mean that, if you spend more, you will get more.


Sitelinks are links that take the visitors from the ads to the pages in your website. Create Sitelinks in an attractive way so that the visitors are engrossed to click on your ads, visit your site and thus bring revenue for you. Your Sitelinks can also take the visitors from one ad group to another.

Accounts help to adjust all these four parameters to maximize profit while minimizing the cost. This structural classification is nothing but a cost saving map for your business.

2. Improve campaigns

You can justify the improvement of your campaigns by looking to the clicks, click-through-rate, and position of your ads.

Clicks & CTR

Relevant key words and ads can bring more clicks and increase the CTR for your site.

Ad position

To find your ad position higher over your competitors you need to improve your Quality Score.

3. Improve Ad groups

Finally, you are at the end of the tunnel; the ad groups. These are the area of your narrower focus. These are described under campaigns and illustrate any particular product. If you can design good campaigns, your ad groups are expected to be effective. Quality & beneficial campaigns will help to improve the groups. An improved ad groups means-

  • You have good classified campaigns;
  • You have a chance to derive the most profitable keywords;
  • You will get good return-on-investment.

Now, you can clearly understand the importance of creating classified accounts. The format is not the same for every business. It depends on the size, category and flexibility of the online business.


Manage AdWords accounts

If you don’t have adequate knowledge with SEO, you can hire professionals online to manage and monitor your business. While assigning this SEO and marketing experts, take into consideration their field of expertise and consider whether they matches your field of business.


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