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Relevancy is the key to creating quality ads and being successful in SEO. Many research studies have shown that the ads that are found to be relevant by the visitors have become the most successful and profitable ones. While you are designing an ad text for your site, the best approach is empathy; considering the customers’ point of view. Think rationally about the way you find something on the internet, and you will get the answer.

So, you obviously know how people search for things on the web, now consider your product and try to figure out exactly how people will search for it. You must think like your customer in order to design a successful ad or ad text that they will find relevant. Here are some important issues to keep in mind:

1. Organize your account effectively

Your products should be classified into different segments known as campaigns and campaigns into different segments known as ad groups. For example, you are a company selling computer accessories. Your campaign categories might be mouse, keyboards, etc. and your ad groups would break it down a little further into ergonomic keyboards, wireless keyboards etc. Accounts are supposed to be monitored and maintained in order to get these ad groups. If you have effectively classified the ad groups, you are one step closer to your objective. Ad groups will help to show you what is relevant for you, and what is irrelevant.

2. Select effective keywords

Here comes relevancy again. There are different ways to generate keywords, but your intention is to find the most relevant ones. Use specific keywords that directly represent your ad groups. These keywords can be a single word or an eye-catching phrase and must be present on the landing page as well.

3. Include at least one keyword in your ad text

Ad texts are the first thing that attract visitors and invite them to click on your ads. You may have a bundle of keywords, perhaps effective keywords, but only few of them are proven performers. Use at least one of those in your ad text.

4. Include features and strong verbs in your ad text

Don’t let the visitors go by without clicking your ads. Make those short sentences concise and full of information. For example, use phrases like ‘newly renovated’ or verbs to encourage action, such as ‘sign up’, ‘buy’ etc.

5. Avoid unwanted clicks; use negative keywords

Not every click on your ads will be  profit generating for you; there will be some unwanted visitors in every campaign, who just click here and there and only browse your site, which can be very damaging for you as these non-performing clicks will lower your Quality Score. Using negative keywords may help you to get rid of this problem, but be careful; using too many negative keywords will reduce the chances of your ad text reaching a number of good customers. Using one negative keyword in every ad text is your best chance of become successful.

This will help you to:

  • Reach the most relevant customers
  • Protect your Quality Score
  • Increase the ROI by reducing the cost

6. Monitoring your performance while trying different ads

You should try different ads in random order, or try your ad campaign on different sites to ascertain the ads and ad texst that will generate good click-through-rates, conversion rates and positive ROI. Keep the good and discard the bad. Perform regular reviews to check the adwords performance, and make changes if needed.

Remember and follow these rules. They will help you to place your ad in front of thousands of potential customers, and therefore gain, and maintain, the lead over your competitors.


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