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Google Adwords Remarketing is a new(ish) feature that allows you to target people who have visited your site already. Google sells it as a way to “cross-sell, up-sell, and promote other relevant products: surround sound systems or DVD players, for example.” Just a note, you can target people with Remarketing regardless of source. A customer can come through your site organically and still be added to a list.

In order to set up Remarketing, all you have to do is;

  1. Go to Shared Library
  2. Audiences
  3. Add a remarketing list
  4. Add the code to the page, or action, on your site that you are targeting
Remarketing has proven to drive ROI for sites that are focussed on driving customer action. Why use remarketing?
  • You are targeting people that are already aware of you.
  • Your ads will be relevant to the customer, and so will have a higher Quality score
  • You can offer customer specific deals based on products they have already viewed

The image above shows how you can use AIDA to target customers through the buying cycle.


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