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Campaigns are set of ad groups including ad texts, keywords, and bids. These campaigns have different costs and thus need to be controlled and managed properly.


What aspects can be controlled?


Campaign management has different phases and factors that can be controlled. This include-


  • Budget on the campaigns;
  • Cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion;
  • Locations to show the ads;
  • Target customers;
  • Networks;
  • Languages etc.


You must know how to manage these aspects to minimize the cost and maximize the return on your investments.


Administer the campaigns


You can manage all the factors that demonstrate outcomes from a campaign. There are two ways you can do this. One is manual and other is automatic. Take into account the following discussions.


Manage the campaigns manually


  • Amend the campaign names in AdWords before publication.
  • Verify the type of your campaigns. This categorization should be relevant with the content and landing page of the ads.
  • Define the campaign budgets on a daily budget.
  • Choose among different bidding methods like CPA or CPM.
  • Define the amount you are willing to spend on per click and conversion.
  • Define the starting and ending date of the campaigns. You can also set specific hours of a week through AdWords to show your ads.
  • Select any specific geographic area to place your ads on. This is important as placing ads on websites to attract the customers is expensive. Your budget may fall short to place your ads to every relevant site. So, be sure about where to place your ads.
  • Customize languages for your ads. As you are setting different geographic locations for your ads, you must choose different languages for those specific locations. This shows your ads are flexible enough to adjust with the tongues of the customers.
  • Set the networks where you want to show your ads in search results. For example, Google search network.
  • Set device from where the customers can see the ads. For example, your ads can be showed from mobiles, desktops, or laptops.
  • Ad contact information with the ads. You can ad contact information in AdWords through the “Ad Extensions” tab.
  • Define how long a single ad will appear in search result and how late the search engine will shift from one ad group to another, or rotate your ads in other words.


What you need to do now is, perform experiments on your ad campaigns. Routinely adjust the different aspects of your ads and campaigns. Change the bids and budgets to find out the most effective combination of cost and benefit.


Manage the campaigns automatically


It’s not that easy to maintain the effectiveness of the campaigns successfully. This job is so complex that you may need to hire an SEO expert which is costly. But AdWords has made the task easy by offering “automated rules”. This will help you to adjust your campaigns or ad groups automatically. Therefore, it will save your valuable time and money as you don’t need to look out to the campaigns daily. This automated rule features you with automated changes in a predefined manner set by you. Set the rules for your bids, budgets, locations etc., relax, and let the system manage your campaigns.


Generally, these sets of rules are configured to control the bids and budgets on keywords and campaigns so that they stay at a moderate level rather getting too high or too low. Rules could be configured based on conversion rate, click-through rate, or average position to adjust the bids and budgets on keywords.


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