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It’s an objective of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to show up your website to search engines without paying for it. To be successful in SEO and make all your expenditures count, you have no other way than to improve your search rankings and save your dollars. You must question and answer, “What will make my website attractive to the search engines?”

However, it’s not that easy to get your website listed in unpaid search outcomes. To carry out this complex job, here are some suggestions.


Design & contents


To improve search rankings, one should be strategic while designing the overall site and putting in contents. Keep in mind the following factors:


  • Design easily reachable sites.
  • Use words that a visitor may use to search for website contents like yours.
  • Show related links on the website. Logically allow the number of links on every page and regularly rectify the broken links.
  • Outline the important topics of the site and provide links to those parts of the website.
  • Keep the contents relevant, concise, and precise. Avoid immaterial contents so the visitor finds your website useful.
  • Include images and videos in your website to maintain standards.
  • Ensure that other sites are also linking your sites.


Quality concerns


In today’s competitive world, product or service providers are distinguished mostly by the quality offered by them. Don’t forget to comply with the important principles regarding quality. Some of those are listed here.


  • Customers are always right. Don’t be over smart to try and betray with your customers. If you mislead them you will suffer in the long run of your business. The “word-of-mouth” will spread the negative experience among other customers.
  • Design the website in an exclusive manner that the visitor finds something exceptional in comparison to the competitors.
  • Focus on the users rather than the search engines while designing web pages. Satisfied customers will lead you to successful search results. Evade tricks like cloaking, scraped contents etc. to swindle the users or to target the search engines. The visitors may file spam reports against your site.


Technical issues


Is your site technically viable? Is your site protected against mechanical errors? These are found to be most crucial questions in the last few decades while designing and maintaining a website. Keep pace with the vital technical issues and upgrade your site according to the matters. You have to be proficient enough or hire someone who has got the talent to maintain the website. Alongside, consider the aspects described below.


  • Test the accuracy of your site in different browsers.
  • Use text browsers that support almost every search engine spiders.
  • Let the search bots take actions to crawl the website.
  • Use appropriate features based on search engines to inform the search engines about any changes taken place since the last crawling.
  • Don’t allow advertisements that may affect the search rankings.
  • Continue to learn about the latest search engines features and their benefits. Also, make this a controlling system to monitor the overall performance and return of the website.


Above discussions have already generated knowledge on how the websites can attract search engines like Google to show up your website in search result for free of costs. Here are some do’s and don’ts to make the discussed actions effective.




  • Make sites easily accessible.
  • Fill the website with quality and original contents.
  • Ensure that other websites also including links to your site.




  • Avoid images to display text contents.
  • Ignore any links you don’t want the users to show. Every link is considered by the search engines.
  • Avoid deceptive techniques to fool the search engines to improve your rankings.
  • Use a single URL only to show any specific content or page.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about improving the visibility of your site in an unpaid search result. So, you need to know how a search engine works and how the customers are searching through the search engine. The more you understand and implement the discussed issues successfully the higher rank you possess.


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