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Below is a sample Debut Album Press Release we used for The Lookie Loos. You can now download this press release when you register for FREE!

We can write a press release for you, all you have to do is contact us and ask. We might even do it for free if we like your music.

Before you write your press release, here are a few quick steps you need to take;

  • Make a list of all the places you want to send the press release to. This can include music websites, music magazines, your local paper, the national press, radio stations etc.
  • Read a few articles about bands from those magazines/papers
  • Try to use their articles and mimic their style (this will increase your chances of getting published)
  • Try to get outside opinions on your music, you should use them in your press release
  • Try to work out what makes your music, and story, unique. What drives the band to produce their music?
  • Prepare standard statements from the band about the following
    – What was it like producing the music
    – What bands have influence you?
    – How long did it take to make the album
    – What was it like working with (the producer, studio etc)
  • Make sure you have a list of tour dates handy.

There are a couple of standards that are worth using when creating a press release.


The Lookie Loos

Short and punchy, to the point. Easy to grab attention, not too wordy. You could put the title of the album in , the name of the lead single etc.

The Debut Album from The Lookie Loos Available October 26th

Sub-head. Contains the main selling points from the Press Release, with specific details. Where can you get the album, when will it be available etc.

Media Contact – – +61 416 360 814

Media contact information. You must be contactable almost 24/7 at this information. This will be used by the press if they want to do follow ups.

Release 26th October 2009 – The Lookie Loos release their self-titled debut Album on October 26th 2009 through Border Music. After receiving wide praise for their first EP “Timing is Everything” The Lookie Loos have spent the last two years touring with the Datsuns and The Veils as well as other local acts such as The Coshercott Honeys and The Mint Chicks.

Timing information, the first paragraph which should include the main details of why this is important information for the reader.

The debut album features a broad spectrum of rock music, from the melancholy “Heavens” and “A Change Will Come” to the driving, jiving, “Will I Be Lonely”. Local media has said The Lookie Loos have “catchy vocal melodies and hard hitting beats” and the bad is “a catchy, fun and entertaining quartet that’s clearly on the rise.” The band is made up of Tim Steers (Guitar and Vocals), Alex Mustard (Bass), Daniel Reece (lead guitar) and William page (drums). After receiving airplay on many independent stations in New Zealand and gathering support all over the country. The Lookie Loos wrote, recorded and engineered the E.P over a 6-month period at the The Lookie Loos is an independent band, currently looking for a record label to snap them up. “Timing is Everything” is available from iTunes, Amazon and all good record stores.We are pumped to be releasing new music”, said Tim Steers, The Lookie Loos’ lead singer.

Start to include quotes from the band. Make sure you include details of what is included on the album and how it was put together.

“The whole process has been interesting and I hope that this new track will please our fans.” The Lookie Loos were privileged to receive NZ on Air New Recording Artist funding to produce three of the tracks on the album. This meant they could work on producing a top quality video. Ivan Barge from Fish n Clips shot the video for Shaky Laughter at Skateland, Mt Wellington. The Lookie Loos recorded the single in a week at York Street, Auckland with Clint Murphy, and then Sterling Sound mastered the single in New York.

Body Copy, that should include all the information about the product or service. It is always worth including quotes from clients, customers and senior members of the company.


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