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2 Years ago Google surveyed  300 executives including 60 CEOs and 100+ C level business people. They found that the way these users browse the internet is shifting towards online, and their attitudes to online advertising are far more favourable than most people would believe. 79% of these execs are comfortable providing business contact information to a mobile website. 65% are comfortable making a business-related purchase on a mobile device.

For those that don’t think that people click on your ad, 56% of execs click on mobile web ads and 51% click on mobile paid searches.

There is also a big shift to watching video online. 83% of execs watch more online video today than they were a year ago, and 75% of execs watch business videos on business related websites at least weekly. When visiting business-related websites, execs seek: business news (74%), business insight (64%), and product reviews (54%). When visiting YouTube, the interest shifts to: customer testimonials (29%), product demos (28%) and product reviews (27%). 47% of execs prefer videos 3-5 minutes long.


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