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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Live, Warm & Friendly service.
Empathy. Put yourself in
their shoes. Communication at their level. A genuine understanding of their needs. Do they really need a trainee?
Knowledgeable. Know the industry award, when the apprentice started, how long they have left, how long the host has been with us, when is their birthday? Have they won any industry awards? What is their favourite drink?
Partnership. We have a duty to Hosts and New Apprentices. We are here to create VALUE for all.
People Skills – By becoming interested in other people, you will
get them to like you. Being the person who makes people feel good will go
a long way toward increasing your likeability in their eyes. Maintain eye
Treat every customer like a completely AMAZING individual.
Relate to him or her as if they were the only person in the world. People love personal
attention, so hang on their every word and don’t let yourself get interrupted. BE PRESENT.
Share knowledge with your organisation.
Be; Courteous, Friendly, Direct, disciplined, Reliable, Loyal, sincere, Honest, Willing,
Tenacious, Tactful, Worthy

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