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This is a continuation of our previous post on Guerilla marketing ideas. We are trying to get as many ideas down as we can over the next few weeks, so if you see any that are great, or work, let us know in the comments below.

  1. Ultimate Joint Marketing. Find businesses that are targetting the same people as you are, and pool your resources to create a top marketing venture. Bulk purchasing radio space, TV space and newspaper space.
  2. Check your Calendar – Recruit aspiring actors from the local college to put on a little flash mob skit promoting your product or business on National Talk like a Pirate Day.
  3. Sticky Notes – Another way to use your stamper or even your printer. Sticky notes are noticeable anywhere because people know what they’re for; notes. Put these on local business doors, offices, cars, or above mail boxes in apartment complexes and people will take notice.
  4. Ninja Direct Mail – We send our prospects all manner of things. Coffee screwdrivers, a house brick. Tie it into your campaign, and make sure you include a call to action.
  5. Do Not Disturb – Heading to an expo anytime soon? Get some door hangers printed up with your business information on it and possibly a link to something free on your site.
  6. Bribe with food – You can use this one on anyone, from your local newspaper, to prospects to your local neighbourhood. Cups of coffee are cheap, why not walk through town with a stack of coffee and business cards.
  7. Temporary Tattoos with your URL – Again you could make this a competition to see who will put the tattoos in the most crazy places.
  8. Print Calendars – These could be given to each of your clients or left in a store for people to take for free. Print your website address and a little slogan or client testimonial on each months picture for exposure every day. You could use this with the joint marketing we mentioned before and create
  9. Fish Bowl Business Cards – Ask a local cafe if they will let you put a fish-bowl up for a competition. You will collate all the data and give a copy to them, as well as using the information yourself.
  10. Sponsor an corporate event – Offer the local big business sponsorship of their company table tennis tournament.
  11. Client Appreciation BBQ – Invite your past clients to a BBQ and let them invite 1-2 friends to come with them.
  12. Picket your Business – Hire a young relative or student to protest how great your business is.
  13. Hair Stylist: A lot of talking happens in Salons and Barber Shops. Drop by and offer the hair stylists some free food or your product. This generous gift will have them talking about you to all their customers.
  14. Borrow a wall/building – get a projector and find someone to let you use the side of their business/wall, and have your company logo/website/information shown on it every night..
  15. Sex Sells –  Use 5-10 bikini models to walk through the streets with your web and logo on their body. Hand out business cards etc. This will definitely grab attention of guys in cars passing by.
  16. Sponsor the homeless – Pay the homeless person to hold a sign that reads “ paid me to hold this sign”.
  17. Airplane Chauffeur – Find out when a trade show pertaining to your business will be in town. Next, hire a student or someone who will work for a low amount of money and have them hand make a sign with your websites address on it and stand next to baggage claim or right outside the door of the airport. They aren’t picking anyone up, but the people walking by and seeing your website address don’t know that.
  18. Let Others Talk You Up – Pay people/friends money and send them out to bars, clubs, movies, restaurants and other busy places to talk up your business.
  19. Branded stubby holders – give them out at the pub, or let your local pub give them out for you. These were by far the most successful items we have ever given out. People keep them for a very long time.
  20. Reward customers for loyal service, by advertising their website in conjunction with yours.
  21. Get a local artist, or an online comic artist, to caricature you and your business, use the images on your website or your business cards.

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