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Full logo design and development takes time. Doing it yourself may be too costly, or you may not have the skills and tools to carry out a proper job. A great logo can help your business stand out, and give your company the distinctive edge.

But where do you go to find good logo design? How do you know the designers will do a good job? There are a few things you can look for in a logo designer;

  • Do they have a good portfolio that looks professional
  • Do they have any experience with companies in your industry
  • If they offer design packages, what are their terms
  • How many revisions do they allow
  • What is their turn around time?

When you are engaging a logo designer, your brief needs to be concise, but cover all the major things you would like to see in your design for instance;

  • What colours do you like
  • What fonts do you like
  • Do you want any figures in the logo
  • Do you want a particular image
  • Are you going for a specific “look”
  • Avoid using words like clean and sharp, they mean different things to different people

There are plenty of places that are worth looking at when outsourcing logo design. 99designs is one place, or even your local printing firm. However there is one place we recommend, The My Logo Design team can create colourful and innovative logos, or something sleek, simple and stylish. They aim for a modern style, and have a 48 hour turnaround. At the moment they have a limited time special of 60% off, making their logo design package only $139. This includes 4 initial design concepts and unlimited revisions. Their core target audience is Business owners, and it is clear their services would work for anyone who is starting a new venture. They provide 4 completely different Logo Design Concepts for clients to choose from, from 4 qualified Graphic Designers.

You can see from their website that they are very competitive on price and quality, with the average price of a design being $139. Some of their past clients have included MIRA|HAUS, Sandbox Recruitment and Modbury Jets. As you can see they have a fair amount of depth to their portfolio, even though they have only been trading for 12 months. My Logo Design is based on the Sunshine Coast and they can easily consult with clients all across Australia.


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