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Most who have worked with SEO advertising understand the basic nature of how Google Adwords works. Being triggered by specific search words Internet users use to find things with search engine, Adwords displays appropriate ads alongside search results, providing direct marketing to consumers who are already looking for similar ideas and products. However, the tool can also be effectively used for generation retention and customer loyalty as well. A number of practices have proven effective, not only at generating customer returns but long-term loyalty to a brand as well.

Running Multiple Engagements – Ever wondered why going to the circus is so much fun even before you get inside the big tent? It’s because there are multiple side shows going on all at the same time. Multiple engagements with adword tools work the same way on a social media platform. Giving readers a variety of choices by which to interact with different results when clicking through provides a sense of entertainment. That generally brings people back for more, which makes them viable for more messaging and communication as well as possible conversions to desired actions. The engagements can vary from sign-ups to interactive information education panels to fan connections. Whatever the case, as people connect more often, they feel a need to return.

Provide a Clear Direction for Action – On every Adword tool there should be a clear action desired to allow the reader to realize the next step or result that may be an attraction. As people commit to the desired action, they realize a reward, which brings them back for more. Every action should produce some type of valuable result or data for the business as well. Nothing should be put out that ends up going nowhere. Every click-through should either go to a desired destination or activity on the part of the reader. Again, as people get more rewards, they feel motivated to come back for another round.

Got Enough Images? – Every Adword campaign needs to connect to images. People are visual and connect with visual. Especially in an electronic platform, images attract and catch people attention far better than words. In fact, if they remember nothing else, the image will stick in their heads far long longer than any set of words. The use of bright, attention-getting art or photos will work well and have long-lasting “stick” value. That translates to memory currency which in turn helps people come back again and again to the same site and brand.

Don’t Go Stale – Adword interactions need to be updated regularly so that they look like the same old thing, boring readers and users to the point of ignoring them. Regularly updated interactions provide new information to readers which keeps the interested and clicking through on a regular basis. But if a campaign thinks of resting on its laurels, readers pick up on the staleness quickly and start to turn off. Retention works heavily on interest, so keeping people motivated with interest provides critical currency.

Customer retention through Adwords involves following a clear plan of engagement and entertaining readers. Catching their attention can be powerful, but loyalty requires regular feeding to stay interested.


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