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Using Adwords for Online Retailers

  • 17% increase in iPhone visits
  • 50% increase in the average order
  • 6:1 return on Google Adwords
  • 530% overall return-on-ad-spend for computing category ($5.30 in sales for every $1.00 of
  • search media)
  • Search ads targeted to top 25% of markets based on specific store attributes
  • produced 1,090% return-on-ad-spend for computing category.

To take advantage of the opportunity for advertising to mobile devices, one retailer created mobile search campaigns targeted at high end devices like the iPhone and other mobile devices with full Internet browsers. Within the first three months of investing in mobile search advertising, the retailer saw almost a 6:1 return on their investment. Additionally, their mobile ads campaigns had other positive impacts, such as driving more in-store traffic and sales. Not only were people making purchases on their mobile phones, they were using it to look up store information with 10% of AdWords mobile traffic accessing the store locator page.

HP partnered with a national retailer to launch the digital co-op program. The campaign was conducted for 4 weeks in 2010.
1.Geographically diverse test markets spread across the country were served Google search ads for HP branded terms and non-branded keywords. The control markets were not served search advertising related to these keywords.
2.To minimize noise, APT’s software compares each test store’s performance against a unique set of 10 control stores based on historical sales patterns, population density and geographic proximity.
3.Using APT’s sophisticated analysis software, sales in each test store were compared to its control store group to determine the impact of paid search advertising on store and online sales.


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