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You can use Adwords to drive Channel sales using MDF in an accountable way.

  • Adwords allows you to track which products are being sold and where
  • You can allocate budgets based on specific customers and their MDF levels
  • You can track what traffic is going to what pages, and what their conversion rates are.
  • You have complete control over the campaigns and the copy
  • You can instantly change campaigns based on programs you are running
  • There is continuous feedback on the performance of these campaigns

There are multitudinous benefits to using Google Adwords to Drive Channel traffic. This article will address those momentarily, but first this article will take a succinct look at the effective ness of a well devised Google Adwords campaign.

It’s actually rather simple. Google is the most powerful single entity on the web and it has used its positioning and industry expertise to develop an almost endless supply of utilities to assists its users in achieving their primary goals, whatever those goals may be. If you are trying to achieve a specific task on the web, Google has a utility to facilitate it.

The two elements that must exist for equitable commerce to take place is a force to drive demand (the consumer) and a mechanism to meet demand (business). Google is unique in that it is the primary medium for both elements. In simple this means that Google is in the best position to connect its searchers with its advertisers. How they do this is through a number of complex engagements that involve ever evolving algorithms and specific and clear parameters. It is not the intent of this article to be ambiguous; it is simply reflecting the nebulous nature in which Google reveals its methodology. The bottom line is that they are extremely effective at connecting the two primary elements of successful commerce.

Below you will find 5 reasons why using Google Adwords to drive Channel traffic is a good idea:

  • Using Google Adwords provides almost unlimited control in how you set up and manage your campaign. You are able to manage the content, which is huge. When you are able to manage the content you control your own branding power. The internet is one of the most powerful branding tools available to any business and with content control; you can easily and consistently build and manage your brand.
  • Being able to monitor the effectiveness of every particular aspect of any marketing campaign is huge. Google Adwords provides its users with unsurpassed analytical capabilities. You can run reports on every aspect of your campaign. You can test multiple campaigns against one another to determine which campaign produces best in a particular situation. The superior analytical support provided by Google creates a great platform for a successful online marketing campaign.
  • You also have the ability to totally control your budget. You determine exactly how much money you are going to spend on each campaign. One of the beautiful things about a Google Adwords campaign is the fact that you only pay for click-throughs and you determine your daily budget.
  • Adwords is also a good testing format for larger scale campaigns
  • With Google Awords you are in total control of what channels your traffic is driven to. Your landing pages are designed to send your traffic where you want them to go.
  • The program also provides CRM (Customer Relation Management) support. The program allows you to collect valuable CI (Customer Intelligence), both of which provide the platform to improve your understanding of your customer and the best possible way to engage your customer. Being able to manage the complete customer lifecycle is extremely important to growing your business.
  • The traffic that is being driven by these Adword campaigns are more targeted; meaning these are people who are looking to spend; the people you want to connect with. You know this because of the keywords they had to use in order to find your particular landing page.
  • The simplicity in the process of changing your campaign on the fly is another great reason to use Adwords. You can make micro or macro adjustments to your campaign at will. This can be done until you find your sweet spot. All of the tools are in place to make the process extremely simple and successful.

Google is invested in the success of its users, which means you have an unparalleled support system that is designed to insure your success.


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