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The internet has revolutionized the marketing paradigm and with Google being the most widely used search engine in the world, it is clear why marketers should concentrate on advertising through it. It is estimated that today, around 2 millions searches are made on Google every day and these searches comprise of searches made by people to look up businesses, showcasing the marketing potential on the medium. However, using Google Adwords to create an Ad campaign is a complex job and in order to succeed, marketers must have a look on the guidelines mentioned below.

1. Create a customer profile

Before launching the ad campaign, marketers need to picture their customers mentally. They should undertake research and find out information such as the keywords being used by their target market and the kind of websites frequently visited by their customers. They should also know the geographical location of the customers as this would help them target the customers better.

Moreover, marketers must also know about the medium of communication used by their customers to contact the business, for instance whether the customers contact through email or by phone.

2. Set goals and targets

Another act marketers need to undergo before diving into the ad campaign is to first come up with goals and targets for the campaign. Businesses should know how much they are willing to spend to reach out to the customers and set aside a budget for that. Additionally, they should also know what they want to achieve with the campaign and the kind of results they are expecting.

3. Creating the campaign

After the above mentioned points have been taken care of, the next step is to create the campaign. Creating a campaign involves choosing settings based on the customer profile and the daily amount the business is willing to spend on the advertisements.

In order to make the ads available to customers, marketers need to go through a process of bidding whereby the advertisements with the highest bid are ranked higher on the search results. Marketers also need to decide what they want to include in the advertisements and there are several tools provided by Google Adwords to enhance advertisements. Moreover, businesses also have to make the decision of choosing where they want the advertisements to show including the geographical location, language, and networks.

4. Create the Ad and choose keywords

The final step in the process of creating an Ad campaign on Google Adwords involves choosing the format the marketers want to use and selecting the relevant keywords. In this step, markets must write the headline and the text in the body along with the URL. Initially, 10 to 20 keywords are used to generate more leads and drive traffic. It has to be remembered that the URL being used for the destination and display must be from the same website.


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