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Do you remember when sending out mailers or paying for media advertising brought you customers?As you well know those outbound marketing tactics don’t work any more. When today’s borrowers are considering a mortgage they don’t sift through their mail, or flip through the newspaper, they turn on their computer and search online. That’s where you need to be!

But just having a website is only a start. You may have the best website in the world,offering the best loan packages at the most sought after rates but if Google ranks it on page three, only the extremely ambitious are going to find it. You want your website to be right there on the first search engine page. By employing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, you better your chance for a prominent position. Let’s get started on a few.

Content, Content, Content.

Search engines employ algorithms that penalize spammy websites that contribute no value. These same algorithms favor sites composed of original, informative content. Including multiple pages of well-written material on your website is a must; and when you think about it, SEO for Mortgage Brokers should be the most natural thing for you. Today’s borrowers want to know everything they can about the mortgaging process before they embark on it. And since you have that knowledge at your fingertips who better than you to give it to them?

Keywords in Your Content

Keywords are the words your prospective customers tend to use when initiating a web search. So you have to learn to think like them, especially since the search engines, intent on helping searchers, use them to position your page.. Mortgage, refinance, loan rates are but a few. If you go to Google AdWords you can see which terms are most used and which of these your competitors favor. And while it may seem counterintuitive, using the less popular terms might be a good tactic to cut down on competition.

Once you’ve settled on keywords, construct a blog around them. But make your content relevant. Don’t just stick in a word here or there. Search engines deduct for keyword stuffing,

Hyperlinks in your Blogs

Blogs are good vehicles for great content and each blog will add to your website’s page count . Blogs also serve as SEO tools since you can include hyperlinks that transport the reader directly to your website’s main page. Each time a customer lands on your page, it ups the ante for your future positioning. Blogging platforms such as WordPress and Blog Spot make hyperlinking easy.

Linkbacks from Other Sites

Links can come from other online sources as well. Reach out to content writers and webmasters at banks and realty offices. Strike a deal: I’ll link to you if you’ll link to me.

Press releases posted online will also increase your ranking. They publicize your company and the hyperlink you include is another point in your favor.

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing task, preferably daily, that involves work and dedication. Search engines hate stale material. So keep your content fresh, and keep it coming, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself on page one!


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