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An article is a readable content about a product, service, news or other topics of general interest. A well written article is a guide and often works better than spoken words. In business article marketing is used to describe a product or service by providing informative content to the readers and prospective customers. It is one of the best ways to get ranked high in search results of the internet search engines.

How to do Effective Article Marketing?

Article marketing is not an easy job but it requires a well planned and tactical approach. The internet is full of copied content that most people use to get fast results with minimum effort. Though many search engines are selective, the rule is bypassed and many plagiarized articles got published even through popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. The readers reject such articles and may not work well in the long run. To do effective article marketing the following key points are important for success.

1. Article Title:

The title grabs the attention of the reader. Therefore it should tell what is going to describe in the article. The most important keyword is included in the title. The title should attempt to provide an answer to the topic that is written in the body of the article.

2. Article Body:

There is no need of writing a lengthy article for internet marketing purpose. The number of words can be anything between 300 to 500 words. It is better to write pros and cons rather than writing only the advantages of any product or service. The option for a final judgment may be left to the reader. Only one point may be written in each paragraph with a natural flow from start to end. It is also important to use the most frequent keywords strategically in the article.

3. The Resource Box:

The readers often seek the origin or author details of a well written article. Adding a resource box is therefore important to the writer. It is a place where the author can provide personal details, website address and links to the product or service and should be brief as far as possible.

Relevance to the interest of the readers is an important factor when writing an article. No reader is interested to go deep by reading some garbage written. Wherever possible add relevant images and videos to get a better understanding of the topic and more realistic experience.

Promoting the article to various article directories and web-2 sites gives wide publicity. Such article sites may be selected based on page rank, the number of readers, ease of use and its terms and conditions to accept articles for publication. Nowadays there are many automatic article spinning and submission tools available. Its effectiveness greatly varies because of the many drawbacks that come up during the submissions. It is better to check a software spun article manually before it going to get published.


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