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One of the very old internet marketing techniques that is still in good standing is the email marketing. It uses the simplest and cheapest method of sending texts, images and videos about various products and services to the prospective customers through customized mails in their inbox.E mail marketing has a distinct and unique perspective even in this high social media revolution.

Email Marketing Methods:

Companies can use different methods for email marketing campaigns. The target groups may be new and existing customers, business entrepreneurs who look for partnerships or research minded people who search for information about various products and services. The various email marketing strategies are given below.

1. Direct Mail: This is the simplest form of email marketing. It involves sending information on new and existing products, discounts, promotions, bonuses offered and generally it may contain links to get more information. For sending mass emails, often they are sent to the peoples through various web mail service providers who have a list of email addresses with them. There are many specialized email marketing service providers who work exclusively for sending large numbers of emails.

2. Retention Emails or Newsletters: This may be in the form of newsletters and reports at specified intervals. The idea behind a newsletter is to maintain constant relationship with the customers both existing and new. Any new announcements, promotions and support questions and answers may be included in the newsletter.

3. Advertisement in Other’s Emails: Many email service providers have option to sell advertising space to others. Thus all emails sent to the owners through the client may contain product or service advertisements put by others which are clicked while reading emails by the user.

Tips to Make Email Marketing Effective:

Writing impressive and target oriented email is an art. It should be able to make the prospective customers as buyers. At the same time almost all people hate spam mails that arrive in their inbox at frequent intervals. The email should have sufficient reason for being sent. It should never be a short story but be specific, short and the message should be straight forward explained in few sentences.


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