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Post Card Direct Marketing
  • Baby Cubes Promotional Flyer
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing
  • DL flyer
  • Handed out at expos and events
  • FREE postage offer

Babycubes are a unique product sold in Australia through major retailers. This direct marketing flyer was created with the special offer on the back to create a direct response marketing campaign. Creative Development carried out all the copywriting and strategy development. This campaign is still used by Baby Cubes in their marketing.

Post Card Direct Marketing
  • Loopa Bowl Marketing Postcard
  • We carried through concept development
  • Push to retail stores
  • Used in conjunction with traditional media
  • 2 for 1 offer.

Loopa Bowl is an innovative product from the UK. It is now being sold through Big W and major retailers. We created this direct marketing campaign to increase awareness of the product. It is still being used by the client to increase awareness of the product.

DL Flyer Direct Marketing
  • Brother Max
  • Creative
  • Register at the community and get free books
  • Used in conjunction with traditional media

Brother Max is an innovative range of products imported from the UK. This A5 flyer was used in conjunction with traditional magazine media to promote their online community.

Insulation Direct Marketing
  • JM Insulation
  • We carried out full design and copywriting
  • Direct Mail to insulation installers
  • Call to action is that bulk discounts were available

JM Insulation is imported from the USA and sold throughout Australia. This Direct Marketing campaign was used to introduce the new bulk discounts to new customers.

Direct Marketing
  • United Colors of Benetton
  • We carried out full design and copywriting
  • Direct Mail to potential retailers

United Colors of Benetton strollers were imported into Australia. The direct marketing campaign launched their newest range of stroller colours to retailers.

  • LSE Consulting
  • Design, develop and copywrite a DM flyer for new customers
  • Coordinate printing and devilery

LSE Consulting wanted to promote their new sales training program. Creative Development created the flyer to the left, with a strong call to action and strong design.



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