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SEO has redefined the world of marketing. If experts are to be believed and if statistics are any sign of the foreseeable future then SEO would become even more important than TV, on road promotions and events in the near future. Now that SEO and marketing has become synonymous, there is a need to look at areas whereby a business can truly benefit from online marketing by using SEO tools such as the Google +.

While many would consider Google + to be an online social network, which is not wrong at all, yet we would like to consider it as an SEO and marketing tool. The simple reason being that a Google + presence would invariably help the SEO of a site, blog, forum or anything that a company does on the social networking site. Eventually, a company page on Google + would help any business in their marketing programs.

Here are some simple steps to make a Google + company page.

  • One needs to open an account on Google + first, unless a business already has one. Now, opening up an account on Google + is an easy task. What is important here is that the account must not be opened using any email address. It is wise to use a marketing id or an email address that can be accessed by several members of a marketing team or employees of your company. There is a need to be active on a company page on Google + and if more people can access the account then it is likely that your company page would be thriving with information and real time content. This would help in better SEO and hence better marketing.
  • Once the account has been created, a business needs to fill up the company page on Google + with information and content. A business needs to update details about the company, industry, products or services that they are into and the likes. Once this has been done, a lot of content and information can be uploaded to make it look like the company page has been around for a while and is not just at the initial stages.
  • After the company page on Google + seems to be set, it can be shared with various circles which would invite activity and traffic to the page. By getting more and more people to subscribe to updates and information and gaining more + 1s, a company page can steadily rise in search page ranks via SEO and instantly reap some marketing benefits of getting high traffic.

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