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The required security for an Ecommerce Store should be at its finest. You want to ensure that the customer’s data is safe in your hands and you, yourself are also protected from fraudulent activities.  There are a number of things you can do to ensure security is your number one priority on your website.  Start with developing a privacy policy, it is not necessarily a measure to protect you or the customer but what it does do is instill trust and integrity that is required to run a successful business. Define your promise to the customer and what it is that you have done to create that security and what will you do if it were to be broken. The privacy policy is an oath that you will, by all means necessary; keep their information secure from any 3rd party. There are three major security measures that you should take into consideration when operating an ecommerce store.

SSL Secure Socket Layer encryption: You will need to purchase an SSL Certificate if you are going to accept transactions online, offer a login screen, process sensitive data (social security numbers, birthdates, addresses, etc.), and comply with privacy and security laws. Even if none of the above is on your agenda it is still considered a statement that you value your customers’ privacy. An SSL Certificate allows encryption and data being transferred from the user to the server and is sent in a manner that cannot be read by anyone or anything else.

Choose a Payment Gateway: A payment gateway makes it possible for you to complete credit card and electronic check transactions. It is highly recommended that you research the various payment gateways to ensure that you get the features you need and stay within your budget. The reason why a payment gateway is highly recommended is because it takes the security part of the transactions out of your hands and into theirs. The payment gateway takes care of all security concerns for you. Some of the most common payment gateways are PayPal, and Verisign. They also have fraud detection services to protect you, as the company, against people trying to purchase items with a stolen credit card.

Fraud Detection: As mentioned above payment gateways will also have fraud detection features when they are processing your credit card transactions. There are many different fraud detection programs to choose from within the payment gateways. One of the primary features you should choose is address verification. This will ensure that the owner of the card is receiving the product at their billing address. The fraud detection packages have many outstanding ways to prevent fraud and you can feel more secure with the transactions that are being placed through your business.


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