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It’s a desire of every business owner to acquire and retain customers that will be loyal to his business. This is not usually the case especially when the potential customers exit before the shopping process is complete. There are several ways that will reduce the rate of shopping cart exit. They include:

  1. Test the system. Potential customers tend to exit the shopping cart due to some technical issue and/or errors that they encounter during the shopping process. A business owner should test the transaction process in his website to identify and solve any problem and to ensure everything is working out well.
  2. Credibility. People always look for and prefer a credible website or business that has a trustworthy image. One should build the trust of his clients by providing warranties, contact information, return policies, security icons, guarantees and testimonials on the website. This will go a long way in reassuring new customers and promote a sense of reliability, trust and confidence.
  3. Shipping costs. Let the other party be aware of any shipping costs prior to checkout. This will avoid any unpleasant surprises to the client who may feel offended and as a result exit the shopping cart.
  4. Payment options. The customers should be offered multiple payment options.  The business owner should be able to accept different types of payment such as PayPal, check, credit cards and Google checkout. This is important as it will accommodate a wide variety of customers who use different methods of online payments.
  5. Reduce the number of steps to checkout.
  6. Registration. A great number of visitors will exit the shopping cart if they are required to go through a registration process. It is advisable to get rid of the registration ad allow clients to make purchases as visitors rather than as registered members or users.
  7. Availability of product. One should display the availability of different products on the displaying page. This will serve to let the customer know if his desired product is out of stock or is available in good time.
  8. Exit survey. Install a platform where the customers that quit the shopping cart will get to explain their reasons for doing so. The feedback will enable one to make the necessary improvements to his site.
  9. One should make the checkout process easy and simple. The process of editing quantities or eliminating products from the cart should be simple. The whole process should ideally take three to four steps and should not be time consuming.

By following the strategies described, one will be able to reduce the rate of shopping cart exit and will turn any potential client into an actual client and further enhance customer loyalty.


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