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To remain competitive in today’s spirited and fast moving world, you can no longer depend on humans to evaluate vast numeric data to make the process sluggish in consequences. Make a move to Analytics if you are still relying on manual proceedings.

No doubt, you are using different channels to market your online business same as your competitors doing. Now the question is, “how your opposition is getting advantage from the same point when all the strategic parameters are same?” To get the answer, first, take a look at how one is managing his/her marketing campaigns on different channels and measuring return on investment (ROI).

As stated above, think like you are using mixed channels (Bing, LinkedIn etc.) of marketing. You have to import pay-per-click (PPC) cost data from all the used channels individually. Seeing that you are downloading cost data from all the sites, they might not be clean and useful enough to use in analysis programs like MS Excel. So, you need to sort, filter, or remove off the point data (no impression, or zero clicks) to give it a common shape before running them for analysis. This is in fact one of the challenges that a manual analyzer would face. This process of importing data from the channels into a spreadsheet physically will hop your investment to cost data analysis. Furthermore, the erroneous and time consuming process will only increase the risk of making skimpy decisions by human.


That’s enough! Bring on the Analytics now to eliminate the lingering process of analyzing advertising data through Excel. Google Analytics will help you with the following tasks –

  • Import cost data from all the advertising channels automatically in a daily basis;
  • Filter the data through the Power Query feature according to customized business rules;
  • Provides a fresh dashboard and let you know the non-performing keywords;
  • Merge all data sources in single place to analyze the return on investment (ROI) from the online marketing campaigns in good health and effective way.

Thus, you don’t need to export data into Excel worksheet manually and be successful in terms of managing your valuable time. Even the features of Google Analytics will pass on the imported data directly to the system so that you don’t have to upload those. The business risk, what we warned for in the previous session, will reduce to minimum level since you are to customize the business rules.

Google Analytics has increased the efficiency of its user and made the process effective in the form of breaking down the return of investment (ROI) on the basis of different keywords or campaigns. So, you can get a birds view on which one is costing more in comparison to conversion.

This feature of the Google Analytics saves a lot of time in comparison to the discussed traditional process and gives you enough time to formulate strategies for the campaigns. Overall, this arrangement is awarding new insights for your business to remain dynamic and competitive. Thanks to Analytics!


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