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Are you a business owner or new to search engine optimization (SEO)? Are you wondering how and why a certain website, possibly a competitor site, is beating you? Well, this is for you. In almost every other SEO page, you will realize the question of, “why is site x doing better than mine?”

Most of those who want to learn SEO strategies will depend on website content and other online tutorials. Unfortunately, this might not wholly equip you with the strategies required. It is advised that you sign in to an online platform that offers these services to its members. Where you can ask the questions you have directly and receive answers specific to you.

What should you know concerning SEO and why that competitor site is outranking you?

First, the choice of keywords is vital. Keywords can be considered as the lifeblood of your website; it is what search engine robots use to recognize your page. The choice of keyword should be guided by ranking and competition. The best keyword is that which is high ranking and is not so competitive. Use the Google keyword tool to pick the best keyword for your site. Keyword also determines domain ranking as well as page authority; so you see, the choice of keyword is a milestone to getting it right and you stand a chance to beating your competitor sites.

The answer to this question is not just one, but can be several of them…at least from our point of view. However, out of the possible answers, only one or two are right, depending on what you are not getting right. Note; the reason why your site is not ranking high could only be know after a diagnosis by a SEO expert, or you can do it yourself after you learn SEO. Simply said; it depends on several factors to have your site rank high on Google, if you get one of these wrong, then your competitor will outrank you if they get all these factors right.

What are some of the factors that matter?

Visit duration: When a visitor lands on your page, there is a certain period of time that they will spend on your site. There are some metrics in search engines that tell the engine that this information. Note; the period of time spent on your site means that the content is relevant and useful. On the contrary, your site will have high bounce rate.

Pages per visit: If a visitor to a site visits say three pages on a site, the search engine will consider that site relevant to the search question.

On page factors: If you over use the keyword on your site, Google and the other search engines consider it as a spam, made for the search engine and note human. You can even end up being penalized for that. On page factors include descriptive titles, Meta tags, and relevant content with keyword in the H1, H2…Hn, where n is the number of headers on your content.

Others include social shareanchor text and 301 redirects.

So, to beat you competitor and rank high on Google, you may have to consult a SEO expertise and have them customize your site for you.


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