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Landing the coveted top spot in search engine ranking may not be enough to ensure quality, high-volume traffic to your site. According to statistics gathered by Brafton, 50 percent of consumers are more likely to click a link if there is brand proliferation through the top page of search-engine results. To achieve such results, industrial companies need a well-planned approach to search engine optimization.

Strong Content Strategy

Three-fourths of Internet marketers use content creation as a driving force. It’s not enough to plaster social media profiles, webpages, and blogs with content that includes keywords. A complete content strategy includes:

An understanding of the target audience
Relevant content that informs or entertains
Consistently new content
A well-planned web of information

Take time to understand who your customers are and what they are looking for, and then decide how you can fill those needs with articles, blog posts, and white papers. Cross-link between social media platforms and your webpages to drive additional traffic. If you pay for content creation, hire experienced writers who do more than surround keywords with other words.

SEO via Whitepapers

Forty percent of Internet marketers rate whitepapers as very effective for SEO purposes. Industrial businesses that are targeting experienced, technical, and knowledgeable business customers can leverage whitepapers as a marketing and customer service tactic. Making free whitepapers available on your site boosts keyword ranking in the best possible way: You aren’t striving to build content around keywords; the keywords are naturally included when you provide customers with important information.

Whitepapers have an added benefit. Once the customer finds your site due to higher ranking, they’ll appreciate the expertise illustrated by your documents. They’ll also be glad to find someone willing to share some knowledge, and these factors could play a pivotal role when it comes to making a decision about contracts or orders.

Always Leverage Existing Pages

Many businesses concentrate on creating unique content like whitepapers and blogs posts and forget to leverage existing content for SEO purposes. As an industrial supplier, you should have something that resembles a product catalogue online. Every product listing is an opportunity for strong SEO; you should never simply list a picture, a title, and a price. SEO opportunities on a product page include:

Page title
Product name
HTML tags for pictures
A short product description
Meta title
Meta description

Creating all of this content for every item in your catalogue is tedious, but the SEO value is worth the time if you do it right. Product listings are one of the few places where content can remained unchanged over long periods, although revamping content on an annual basis is not a bad idea. At the very least, you should maintain accurate content by removing out-of-date listings and keeping all links live.

Create an Authoritative Brand

Define what you want customers to know about your business, and become an authority in that area. Don’t just sell your products; explain how to use them, provide tips for getting the best results, and post video or article how-tos related to your industry. Not only does this content work for keyword purposes, but it also increases backlinks. If you’re the business with the expertise, other organizations will start linking to you on their pages, driving up your rank in the search engines while directing traffic to your site.

Creating an authoritative presence on a variety of sites, including blogs, your webpage, and social media, will increase your SEO value. You’ll also see your brand showing up multiple times for each search, increasing the likelihood of a click.


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