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There is much attention and interest surrounding Google’s new social networking site. The Google+ phenomenon was designed by the company to rival Facebook and at first it appeared as a credible and viable alternative to Mark Zuckerberg’s popular social network creation. However the fascination does appear to have died down somewhat since Google+ was launched as a rival. The idea behind the social networking campaign still has to bear some fruit but Google have not given up on it just yet.


This is because active brands using Google+ are very much involved in advertising on the site. Cadburys are a chocolate making company who are very active on the site. The United Kingdom-based company has used the London Olympics event to help promote its page. The London Olympics are to be held in July 2012 and Cadburys has spent much revenue promoting its brand on Google+ as well as within some of the Olympiad events.


To date Cadburys has generated much interest from Google+ users. Its brand has attracted in excess of 1.2 million plus ones. +1 is clicked by Google account holders and the more clicks on the +1 radar button helps to promote the Cadburys website further up the search engines pages. Android’s Google+ page also has become extremely popular. It comes as no surprise as Android is a sub-division of Google. Google+ also has a hang-out feature and the New York Times, one of the world’s most famous known brands uses Google+ with great effectiveness and alacrity. The newspaper also has several stunning images on its page.


ESPN are a major sports broadcasting company operating as a major player on Google+ and are at the forefront of American sports entertainment business covering NFL, Soccer, MLB, NHL and NBA. It has also grown hugely popular in the European continent and has a global reach too. Recently it helped to cover some of cricket’s Indian Premier League events. Its Google+ page has hundreds of videos to watch from all major sporting events such as soccer, basketball, ice hockey and NFL events. You will see thousands of +1 clicks attributed to the company’s Google+ video features.



UEFA are another sporting body who has looked to an active status on Google+. The football governing body in Europe are about to promote the Euro 2012 Championships and its page at has become a hit with soccer fans gearing up for the start of the finals in Poland and Ukraine.


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