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If you have an E-Commerce site, you must be using some tools to explore the opportunity of making the most out of the substitutes from the visitors. Well, I am not definite about your one, but I have an E-Commerce site and confidently I bring the Google Analytics into play. Google Analytics helps me out to track the inbound and outbound links to resolve the puzzle of “where the visitors come from” and of course, “where the visitors go after leaving our E-Commerce site”. You should also try this different E-Commerce reporting route at no cost. Let’s see how you can try this cutting edge service.

Track your campaigns activities. Custom campaign is your first footprint you will lay to track the valuable most marketing campaigns which is worked out in terms of “the most sales driving campaigns”. A very handy


tool, URL Builder, is ready to help you to design URL’s for your customized campaigns. In URL Builder, your effort will begin with entering your website URL. At the second phase you must define the referrer and campaign name (product, or slogan etc.) along with marketing medium, paid keywords, and ads differentiating contents.

When you are done, it’s time to find out the top revenue sources for your E-Commerce site. If you are logged in, go to the Top Revenue Sources panel under E-commerce of the Conversion menu. As the attachment (I haven’t illustrated my site to maintain confidentiality) shows, you will find product, category, source, conversion rate, total transactions and revenues etc. Click on any of the Top Revenue Sources panel to get your desired result. For example, assume you are using CPC, Email, & Banner as campaign medium. Now, click on the Source/Medium to get the largest revenue generating medium at top of the list.


This Analytics overview report is nothing but a lifeline to help you expand your E-Commerce business. Well, this is only a summary of all the campaigns performance. Now that you want to know the upshot of any particular campaign has over a specific product, what can be done?

Wait a moment; Google Analytics will not let you down. The product performance report has enabled the preference to give you the answer. Select Product SKU as the primary dimension and Campaign as the secondary dimension. Magically this report illustrates the campaigns and products those were purchased under that campaign.

It’s not finished and yet another report is ready to lend you a hand. You can make out the campaigns that bringing most traffic inward your E-Commerce site through the Traffic Sources report in one-shot. This report will be activated when you choose Campaigns as Sources under the Traffic sources report.


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