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Today is an age of change and a season of innovation. In a fast-paced business world with so much competition what can we do to keep up with today’s technology?

You put a lot of work into your grand business website, which has worked well the last few years. Keep in mind that technology is changing. Nowadays it’s not enough for the site to run well on the basic laptop or desktop, since so many users are now using mobile devices to access the internet. This is why you need responsive website design.

The Distinctions of Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design (also known as RWD) means to design the website to enable a great user experience on all different platforms including tablets, iPhones and even mp3 players with internet access.

Here are some of the distinctions of Responsive Website Design:

  • Rather than creating several sites to match the many devices, one website is designed to work with all of them.
  • Scrolling, panning, and resizing are kept to a minimum.
  • It offers a great user experience as the website is simple and natural to use.

Implementing Responsive Website Design

As a professional you want to give the best impression to your customers. So ask yourself, how does your website look on the various platforms? How easy is it to use for the average person? If you use JavaScript or a lot of graphics how will it come across on a smartphone? Remember many mobile platforms don’t have the same sophistication, but users are using them more and more.

If you’re a small business owner, you might already know some website design, but these days you might need to hire a professional designer to implement responsive design onto your website. While weighing out the costs, here are the advantages to consider:

  • Google is putting more emphasis on responsive website designs so it will help your rankings.
  • This will keep up with technology, which is heading towards mobile devices.
  • You will gain customers who use tablets and smartphones.

Have others outside of your company test out your website, and get honest feedback on how easy it is to use. Try it out on all types of web browsers, smartphones, and tablets. Take a look at different websites yourself on the various devices and take notice of the sites that are especially easy to use as well as the ones with problems.

And so here’s to the future of your company. To be excellent in all you do and give the best experience you can to your customers.


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